Thermal spas


Thermal spas

Thermal spas are primarily for regeneration, therapy and rehabilitation, but their recreational value will increase in the future due to our ever-rising health consciousness. Besides a variety of different thermal pools and basins, spas offer additional facilities aiming at preventing illness and restoring well-being, as well as special treatments.

At thermal spas, the pool water comes from natural mineral springs which have a high mineral content and a natural water temperature of at least 20 degrees Celsius. Water from natural hot springs contains a considerable amount of minerals and has a relaxing effect on muscles. It also can bring relief for chronic joint pain, rheumatism or allergies.

Natural thermal springs have been used for thousands of years and have a long tradition of healing and rejuvenation (balneotherapy). Large bathing facilities with thermal springs have been known since the fifth century BC. In ancient times the Romans were famous for their bathing culture at the "thermae".